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It is my belief that no change will take place in the world unless we are aligned within. Our ability to heal each other first takes root within our intention and action toward healing ourselves. 
-Kim Fischer


If you are ready to begin expanding and healing, like I know you are, then a regular, at-home yoga practice is a must.


What does hatha yoga do?

It heals and liberates. 

What needs healing and liberation?

Our minds and the false belief that we are separate from this very moment. 



How does yoga break this cycle?

Hatha yoga enlivens the body and gives us permission to feel safe, at ease, and to finally see our bodies as a source of Truth. We learn to give and receive. Once this base has been established thorough a regular at-home practice, we begin the process of seeing and healing our trauma and wounds. From this center, we can positively effect our families, community, and world.


I am asking you to join me, and the others who have enrolled, for an intimate and detailed look into re-building your at-home yoga practice in a way that aligns with your life, age, abilities, and intentions. 

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Yoga Pose

Step on the mat with confidence and a burning desire to move.


Do I need to have an established yoga practice or any sort of yogic philosophy background before I begin?

No. All you need is to show up with an open mind and heart. All levels of experience are welcome- even teachers. Everything will be taught to you in this workshop. The yoga class will be taught as an open level class and variations will be shown. Kim always encourages folks to rest and listen to their bodies- do as little or as much as you feel you can.


Is this a live workshop?

Yes. This class will take place using Zoom. Once the class concludes a recording will be made available for all that purchased.


Payment Details

This course is nonrefundable. Payments cannot be exchanged or used toward any other courses, master courses, live classes, or retreats.