Enjoy a 3 week Master Course which will teach you how to change your relationship to your personal shadows and stress while staying rooted in radiance. We will also uncover easy ways to bring the practice into your every day life to unlock harmony and peace within your household.







Week 1 

Sunday 12/27 

1 - 2pm EST - ​Knowledge transfer class

Wednesday 12/30 

5:30 - 7:00pm EST - Physical practice

Week 2 

Sunday 1/3 

1 - 2pm EST - Knowledge transfer class​

Wednesday 1/6 

5:30 - 7:00pm EST - Physical practice​

Week 3 

Sunday 1/10 

1 - 2pm EST - Knowledge transfer class​

Wednesday 1/13 

5:30 - 7:00pm EST - Physical practice​

Also included:

  • Wisdom workbook- use this to guide you deeper. It is filled with reflection prompts and supplemental info to read throughout the course and beyond. You’ll want to have this printed out or pulled up on a screen so you can follow along and make notes.

  • Upskill Classes- each week, you will have access to a bonus, prerecorded, class which builds upon the skills already covered that week. This will provide additional insight and support integration. Kim will announce, at the start of the course, when to expect these videos and how to find them.

  • Private Facebook Group- we will have our very own Facebook space to further digest the teachings. Use this as you would the lobby of your favorite yoga studio- a place to gather, learn, unite and establish common ground. Kim will drop in each week to answer questions, offer a live Q&A, and more!

What The Course Includes

9 Hours

Over 9 hours of tools to help you build inner strength to work with any life-challenge you face, and do it gracefully.


Lessons you can apply each week within your life. Also, the live classes will all be recorded so you can watch at any point.

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Guidance, from Kim and the community, in the form of live discussions, a private Facebook group, and bonus Upskill videos.

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