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"You hold all the joy, wisdom, and love you will ever need. Let's awaken to that truth."

-Kim Fischer

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What is Embodiment?

"Embodiment is the core philosophy of all I teach. It is a process and a practice which holds us spiritually accountable and provides tools for actual growth."

Kim Fischer

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Embodiment Now

Receive the blueprint to start and maintain a fun and results - focused, home yoga practice. This course teaches you how to live within your body more often where you will discover courage, love, wisdom, and a new joy for life. Get the self-paced course now.

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Virtual Yoga Studio

A membership that fully supports you

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Welcome to the

Virtual Yoga Studio

Memberships as low as 60¢ a day


Membership Includes

  • Support from the community through monthly virtual gatherings

  • "Spiritual Snacks" of wisdom-teachings, inside your inbox, at least twice a month

  • Access to the class library which is filled with 40+ unique flows and sequences

  • Up to 50% off discounts on events, courses, and retreats that Kim offers

Virtual Yoga Studio Vibes

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Gold Standard Instruction

Kim has been teaching and practicing for over 20 years and is a master level instructor. All guest teachers are highly seasoned as well.

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Variety of Classes

Choose from a large library of classes for all levels and interests.

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Wherever You Are

Enjoy classes from anywhere, any device, at any time. You set the pace.



Yoga Stretches

Rebecca Young, Yoga Teacher

Jeff Nelly, Physical Therapist

Marcy Stina, IT Specialist

"Simply the best. Every class becomes a real & raw immersion into yoga...
5 stars."

"I have practiced yoga all around the country and I still feel that Kim offers the best yoga classes."

"Kim's classes are the best. Well worth the money spent if you love yoga!"



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